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Project Guitar: day 2

Let’s fly 6 years into the past. Or better not, let’s just stay here, while I tell you that 6 years ago I decided to make this guitar-making project.

Having studied graphic design and never been much of a “hands on” gent, the event, here in my place, wasn’t very well received, however, the outcome was great: a 2 humbucker guitar with a Les-Paul feel and only native woods in the construction made me a guitar for less than 200 bucks, quite cool!

And these days, with no previous planning, another one is taking shape in the garage. Why? Why not, if you can improve things that were done wrong in the first place? It seems that all the things that you practice often such as photography, drawing, climbing and so on, work better after you take a break. In this case, mine was a bit longer, but after nothing more than 2 days, I’m quite happy with the results!

Non-relevant details:

· Telecaster inspired: I bought the bridge, pickups and knobs to match that style of guitar.
· Angled headstock: Unlike teles, stratos and such Fender-like guitars, i went for the Gibson, Ibanez way for the neck/headstock marriage, say, angled cut and then reversed glued… too bad I don’t have many precision tools available!
·I haven’t bought any of the parts yet! This one is odd. Well, I’m odd, and so far, all I’m working on is on the woods: drying, measuring and drawing plans on the fly.

It’s fun as hell, specially when you plug it, and ROCK IT!


As part of a big project that the forests inspired, my good friends form CienciAustral and I decided to go for some beaver hunt. It’s the mammal, though. Turns out that the beaver was originally brought from Canada in the 40’s and now it’s population is out of control and the damages goes as high as 50.000 hectares only in the Island on Tierra del Fuego.

So, there we were, Nikon D7000, mushy kit lens and a 50mm 1,4… here, in the first video edition ever made, some things are completely missed. I won’t focus on my editing capabilities, nor the art direction, but i would’ve loved to have a sturdy tripod and a less crappy microphone, still, if the project goes well, I’ll throw in those items as an absolute “necessity”.

Who wouldn’t?!