Guitar On The Go (o la belleza de la fresadora)

rawrI haven’t been around much lately. To anyone that is.

Thing is, i’m running the design/photography area in this cool magazine (provisore, hence the “wp” at the end) and it’s been very wild, timewise and skillwise, however, rewarding and fun.

But this May starteed with some handy work in the garage, doing some work in the woods that I wasn’t trained for and therefore, now i master. Or kinda master. Back to the guitar.

Since this project will have a wood board covering the gear and electronics, a “route” or “canal” has to be done in the solid body, in order to not get the cables messing with the glue and basically, because you need the flat surfaces to glue them together. So, new tool: routing machine.

Now that i see the pictures, and narrow everything to words, they don’t quite describe the whole afternoon that i spent modeling the back cover for the electronics, or the measurements that i made in order to avoid screwing the whole thing up, I just hope that at least you can enjoy the pictures!

So, neck: done (with some sanding to the awful varnish that Dicky Moe did). Electronics on the go, and most important: Body and cover. Jeez. They both need a heavy session of sanding and finally, when my fear has gone, glue it all together, then route the edges off to finally add the binding.

Oh! And plug her, and rock it all away! Enjoy :)

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2 thoughts on “Guitar On The Go (o la belleza de la fresadora)

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing more on this Mirko! Good luck to you :)

  2. mirkolovic says:

    Thanks a lot! Winter is here and the shed ain’t that much comfy but in a few weeks it’ll be rocking out! ;)

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