Assignment: Drink For Work + Sample Page


There’s an article that changed… We’ll need to take some more photos.

And that’s how a small pilgrimage began in order to scout the night in Magallanes, in order to fit them with the article provided by local writer Oscar Barrientos. Since we all enjoy beer and, let’s face it, alcohol, we decided to read and follow Oscar’s article and head on to the places he highly -and drunkenly- suggested with his fictional character, Aníbal Saratoga, from whom he has already published 3 books. [outcome & hangover if you read on]

The night’s young, but we’re tired, so I head on my own to shoot some of the light signs disgregated throughout Punta Arena’s center. After a few snaps, we get together and a friendly glass of beer (500 cc) for each one of us starts up the night.

A famous local sandwich came along and the second beer hit us while on our way to the second place to keep this research of places and drinks; soon we’ll realize that the drinks and places we were hunting were as fictional as the character described by Oscar in his text:

That hunt/search was just a petty excuse to live out of ourselves once again; an invitation to walk around in the carefree spirit and the catharsis that arrives when you’re not quite yourself but at the same time, you gain full consciousness of yourself.

If I’m making no sense, it’s not my fault. We went deep into our jobs and research, just to wake up with some blurry images and a headache the morning after. In his place Oscar smiles. In Oscar’s head, Aníbal laughs and toasts with us.

ESP: Para Lograr el cometido de ilustrar un texto de Oscar Barrientos para colaborar con nuestra revista, hubo que salir a recrear el mismo recorrido que Aníbal Saratoga -ficticio personaje creado por Oscar- nos proponía en su texto. Al otro día, la noche ya ida nos ha dejado una resaca y una buena cantidad de imágenes, que se reflejan en descubrir que la noche y la bohemia son un fin en sí mismo. Y si es por trabajo, es necesario cumplir, ¿no?


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