Getting Wet + Wee Review

OnwardSo, a few months ago I received this Aquapac waterproof case and today I thought that the lack of cool expeditions would not an excuse (anymore) to not to try this thing out.

Of course, the experiment was somewhat controlled: I spoke with the local swimming pool and immediately they agreed to help me with my very, very important task. I could have tried this at home, in a bathtub, but hey, who takes pictures of bathtubs!?

The test was simple: in case of bubbles, take the thing out, dry the hell out of it and ask hope for the best. This however, wasn’t the case, because the case worked WONDERS and the results are shown here. They are not the best images, however, this is not the best case you can buy in the market, but then again, unless you’re a dedicated underwater photographer, you won’t be able to buy or even consider a proper, $5,000 underwater case.

These were taken with a Nikon D7000, a Tokina 11-16 2,8 at 2,8 and 16mm, ISO between 400 – 800 and autofocus was ON, which was the trickiest thing of them all: Since there isn’t as much contrast as there is in a normal, daylight situation, the camera has a harder time to find focus, therefore, it goes a bit back and forth before taking the shot. This wasn’t in every picture, but it’s something to bare in mind when taking this equipment underwater: this won’t be the fast-focusing camera that you’re used to handle in the outdoors with speedier lenses, more contrast and yes, the ability to see in a proper way the viewfinder in order to compose correctly. I was a bit sloppy with that, since I was having fun with the possibility to submerge up to 5 meters (as tested in both Aquapac and an independent facility in the UK) and actually getting usable shots!

I know this is not a proper review, not by far! But sadly, there are no white sanded beaches here for me to just jump into the water (that in these summer days goes as high as 10 degrees celsius) with the best moods, I mean, sure I can do that, with the right amount of alcohol in my blood. Well, new year’s eve is coming, so, you never know.

Hope to hear from you!


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