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Off to Brač

Hi all!

Just a quick, short post to let you know that as of tomorrow, I’ll be in Brač, Croatia, photographing people, lifestyle and landscapes for a personal project I’ve been working on about immigrants in Patagonia. Brač is one of the islands that most croats came from in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, to the rough Patagonian living conditions, in a region that was just being born.

If you know anyone who has connections to the island, anyone who has stayed after their relatives left, anyone with an interesting story, let me know and I’ll do my best to get to them.

More updates from the island!


Hola hola!

Un pequeño posteo para contarles que mañana, y por una semana, estaré en Brač, Croacia, buscando gente, naturaleza y la simple vida de isla para fotografiar, como parte de un proyecto personal en el que estoy trabajando hace un tiempo. Brač la isla de la cual provienen la mayoría de los inmigrantes croatas que actualmente viven en Patagonia y el resto de Chile, cuando debido a factores económicos y ambientales, debieron emigrar a finales de siglo XIX y comienzos del siglo XX, cambiando la tranquila y cálida isla por la austral y dura vida pionera en la joven Patagonia.

Si conocen a alguien que esté vinculado a esta historia, que viva en la isla, alguien que sepa historias o simplemente esté interesado en este proyecto, pueden dejar un lindo comentario.

Mas desde la isla!

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Creatures, Animals and Mountains

Since the Instagram pic I last uploaded – HERE –  was to the like of some people (mine as well), I decided to shoot a bit more of the study I’m making on flora, fauna and geography of stuff I came across back in Patagonia plus some other stuff that I think would be cool pets, featuring: whales, lesser rheas, penguins, aboriginals, Torres del Paine National Park, guanacos, birds, chingues, dogs, cougars (the feline one) and some other creatures waring swimsuits, because they’re too ashamed of their fur-covered privates.

The minimalistic color scheme is due to the fact that I lost the colored pens I had. Intentionally, obviously.

This was made in a few hours every day, as a wee thing to keep me busy as I’m finishing many stuff here in Croatia, including my very stay in Croatia, so, a creativity boost was much needed.


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The Mill + Product Shots in the Outer Hebrides

Tweed or Twit

Back in November 2013, I went to Scotland to visit my relatives and collaborate with historian Joni Buchanan in an upcoming book of hers. In the meantime, I took the assignment of shooting one of the biggest Harris Tweed mills in the Outer Hebrides, located in the isle of Lewis, as well as photographing the products they produce with this legendary fabric.
The more I get in touch with these isles and their people, the more I love them! Harris Tweed story is plain fantastic: a typical garment for many decades, it went down the hill in popularity until recently, when driven by a clever marketing strategy that basically enhanced the already high quality fabric and soon after they started to get in touch with huge brands as well as independent designers from all over the world.

This photos show a fair process of acquiring the wool, from local producers that ship it to the mill, where it get’s its rich and durable color and gets separated into huge yarns that are finally processed at local looms scattered all over the isles. Local produced, worldwide shipped. A great example on how small communities can deliver huge quality and remain sustainable and true.

Enjoy :)

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