The Face Of Sutivan + Wrinkles Galore



After more than a year without any language lessons, books, or similar, I had to give an interview in my much reduced and grammatically offensive croatian skills while in Split.

Furthermore, I had to speak to everyone on Brač in croatian, which wasn’t much of a problem. Language-wise, I lost all my shame a few years ago, so talking is fine with me. Listening, however, was a more difficult task, since their dialect –Čakavski or Chakavsky– was not the easiest thing to understand for a super novice in easter european languages.

However, the weather wasn’t the best and even though many, many chilean-croatians come from the Island of Brač, at the beginning was no easy task to trace families from which I had no last names, addresses or ways to find them but eventually I got my way around the island, and maybe my broken grammar, thick accent (to my great shame) and objectives were made very clear to most of the people. I’m not even halfway to acquire the material I want to, but at least I’m on my way.

Save the Forest

Watch the Wrinkles, Man!

The dear people from Slobodna Dalmacija (Free Dalmatia) wanted -or were forced to- have a small chat with me, about my growing project back in the Dalmatian island of Brač. Crippled by my scarce knowledge of the language, I did my best with my limited vocabulary, and threw a few declinations here and there to sound more convincing. A skilled journalist as Merien Ilić is, she couldn’t be fooled by me, yet she managed to take the essence of my story, my goals with this project and the huge opportunity to share it to everyone in Dalmatia, hoping to find more people interested in this adventure and make it grow as much as possible.

The photo though, showed no mercy to portray smile wrinkles, a sign that I might be getting older? Who knows. LINK: (Croatian only for now, sorry!)


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