Who the f…

Hanging in Makarska, Croatia.

The dude in the picture shown in the left is me. Once the obvious has been established, I’ll tell you that my name is Mirko Vukasovic Morrison, a Chilean-Croatian graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, model and some other tags I’d rather not to share at the moment.

I get that sometimes. You know, guy from Patagonia, croatian names and scottish roots, yet chilean. Some might get suspicious, but you won’t, right?graphic designer and photographer since 2006, doing mostly branding jobs, wildlife and nature photography and editorial work in both design and illustration.

In 2008, and until 2010 the graphic novel Aravco was published (Planeta, Chile, 2008-2010), my first comic book in which I worked in drawings and overall design.

In early 2011 I held a joint exhibition in Croatia called “Las Semillas del Viento”, a photo exhibition about croatian descendants in chilean Patagonia.

Currently I’m developing both a graphic novel inspired in Patagonia, to be published in October of 2013, and a photo book about croatian immigration in chilean Patagonia, an extended work of scenarios, portraits and stories about a large colony in the very end of the world.

In the meantime, if you think we can do some work together, you’d like to hang some cool pictures on your walls, magazines and web pages or work on a story, let me know!


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