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Fake Weddings + Replichroming.

falsi pir-4This weekend, I was invited by the Tourism Board of Supetar (island of Brač) to photograph a fake wedding. It was, actually, a fake traditional wedding, making it even more interesting to watch, specially because I was never told much about the whole event, and conversations went like “So… who’s getting married?”, “Oh Mirko, nobody! Now, let’s go get the bride!!”. I was confused.

In the end, this huge celebration was organized by local people in order to celebrate something, that I was never quite certain about, but I’ll just assume that life is a good thing to celebrate. Summer is coming, the sea is getting warmer and having friends, family and health are a good thing to brag about. So they (we) did.



Since you made it so far, I’ll tell you that some pics were made using the base of Replichrome presets, lovely stuff!


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Another Day, Another Setting

Every now and then I find myself in need to change my habits, with a wide range of subjects to choose from: Eating, editing, dressing, workout and lately, settings while shooting habits.

The exercise I tried this time is to have a broad range, within a few limits to work on, thus forcing myself to be creative. At least that’s what I drafted out.

And so I went with two rather new lenses I bought and I’m still trying to see how they work, how I feel with them and what the images look like in a real, live environment with stuff happening all around me: the Sigma 70-200 2,8 (not the OS version) and the Tokina 11-16 2,8. The setting was the “Shearing Festival” in a small village about 100 kms away from Punta Arenas (in fact, the only village in a radio of 200 or so kms) that gathers loads of people from the countryside in a sheep shearing show, as well as “jineteadas”, that features a wild, untamed horse and a brave rider, all in argentinian countryside style clothing and the hope that the horse will jump a lot. They always do.

What was with the settings again? Right, the lenses and all. While shooting RAW, it is fairly easy to correct some mistakes you might fall into when working this way. For me, it was the first time working with two lenses in what I planned to be an all-around setup and it turned out quite well, although I wasn’t carrying any special backpack for the gear or anything, it felt a bit clumsy while trying to change lenses and not having the time to think about life, flowers or light diffraction. Good for now. More tests to come.

Enjoy and drop some lines! ;)

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Getting Wet + Wee Review

OnwardSo, a few months ago I received this Aquapac waterproof case and today I thought that the lack of cool expeditions would not an excuse (anymore) to not to try this thing out.

Of course, the experiment was somewhat controlled: I spoke with the local swimming pool and immediately they agreed to help me with my very, very important task. I could have tried this at home, in a bathtub, but hey, who takes pictures of bathtubs!?

The test was simple: in case of bubbles, take the thing out, dry the hell out of it and ask hope for the best. This however, wasn’t the case, because the case worked WONDERS and the results are shown here. They are not the best images, however, this is not the best case you can buy in the market, but then again, unless you’re a dedicated underwater photographer, you won’t be able to buy or even consider a proper, $5,000 underwater case.

These were taken with a Nikon D7000, a Tokina 11-16 2,8 at 2,8 and 16mm, ISO between 400 – 800 and autofocus was ON, which was the trickiest thing of them all: Since there isn’t as much contrast as there is in a normal, daylight situation, the camera has a harder time to find focus, therefore, it goes a bit back and forth before taking the shot. This wasn’t in every picture, but it’s something to bare in mind when taking this equipment underwater: this won’t be the fast-focusing camera that you’re used to handle in the outdoors with speedier lenses, more contrast and yes, the ability to see in a proper way the viewfinder in order to compose correctly. I was a bit sloppy with that, since I was having fun with the possibility to submerge up to 5 meters (as tested in both Aquapac and an independent facility in the UK) and actually getting usable shots!

I know this is not a proper review, not by far! But sadly, there are no white sanded beaches here for me to just jump into the water (that in these summer days goes as high as 10 degrees celsius) with the best moods, I mean, sure I can do that, with the right amount of alcohol in my blood. Well, new year’s eve is coming, so, you never know.

Hope to hear from you!


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Perito Moreno + Bernizer

glacier well

Quick but long-due photos from Perito Moreno glacier!

The wee town in Argentina called El Calafate, hosts a wonderful sight of one of the few glaciers that still moves forward, yet, it’s height declines every year. You know: there’s the global warming thing going on, right?

So here are the pictures! It was strange to be -again- in a group of tourists, walking through determined routes, not being able to touch anything, not being able to stay for whatever time you’d like to and to hear the pre-processed speech of the tour guide. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I just feel strange about it. Could it be better if worked in another way? Would all the people that visited the glacier, took marvelous pictures and filled their lives with wonderful moments be able to visit the park in another circumstance?

Finally… would i’ve been able to shoot these if the whole tourism business worked differently?

The +: Taking note of some videos about the Bernizer method (a crazy-simple method of panoramic portraits) I took some samples of Kristina in one of the nice stations all across the East point of the glacier.

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Winter Is Coming + Location and Talent Scout

snow jumper

And the snow finally got here, down south, down to Patagonia.

I’ve been off this site for a long time and I feel like it’s a huge loss… See, I’m training to run a marathon in Torres del Paine NP down here, maybe some of you have heard of that park, it’s quite famous outside Chile (although we decided to let it burn since we don’t distribute enough money to maintain it) and alongside with that, we’ve been having some shitty time trying to print this months’s magazine

In the meantime, I’m organizing a comic and illustration fair to be held here, since we rarely get visits from other parts of the country and finally working on a year-long project that has been finally growing towards a more comfy direction (bigger reach, more work, more travel *yay*)

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Assignment: Drink For Work + Sample Page


There’s an article that changed… We’ll need to take some more photos.

And that’s how a small pilgrimage began in order to scout the night in Magallanes, in order to fit them with the article provided by local writer Oscar Barrientos. Since we all enjoy beer and, let’s face it, alcohol, we decided to read and follow Oscar’s article and head on to the places he highly -and drunkenly- suggested with his fictional character, Aníbal Saratoga, from whom he has already published 3 books. [outcome & hangover if you read on]

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Aluvión en PUQ | Día 3

Tarde terminó nuevamente este día. Lo más sorprendente es el tremendo sentido de dobles acontecimientos que logro percibir. Por un lado, no logro superar el hecho de que TODO el centro fue afectado por la inundación, de que hay tantos locales que no funcionan y que esto no va a verse igual en años.

Al mismo tiempo, nos esforzamos por volver a la normalidad -sea negándolo o aceptándolo- y todo pareciera funcionar, andar o, en su defecto, buscar su propia manera de sobrevivir y persistir.

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Aluvión en Punta Arenas | Día 2

Algo tarde despierta este día. Con esa ligera sensación de que nada calza y que es una perfecta oportunidad para darse licencias, como si de niños hubiera nevado demasiado, y todas las cosas que sobrepasan nuestras cabezas, sirven sólo para entretenernos.

Pero no. No esta vez. No cuando se siguen oyendo sirenas y camiones, y piedras y gente que no puede entrar a sus casas. El sentimiento familiar me transporta 2 años atrás, a un Chaitén desolado, destruído, pero con una llama de vida inextinguible, guiada por nuestro espíritu humano, llevada aun mas al extremo en lugares en donde el mundo pareciera ensañado a darnos la pelea, pero en donde la naturaleza guarda sus mejores evidencias de que nuestro tamaño es reducido y nuestra capacidad de asombro, inagotable.

El agua pasó. El lodo bajo ella y que queda amenazante se endurecerá, modificará nuestras calles, nuestros puentes y veredas; veremos como nacerá una ciudad de nuevo y olvidaremos la belleza de sonreír con barro en la cara y dolor en el corazón.

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Aluvión en PUQ | Dia 1


Hoy en la madrugada, se da la alarma de emergencia que 22 años atrás cumplió con recordarnos que la naturaleza sigue su curso, es mas fuerte que nosotros y, finalmente, nada podemos hacer contra ella. Lo que era una lluvia persistente y sin viento, hasta agradecida por algunos en la ciudad y muchos en el campo, dinamitó tierra suelta, arboles, troncos y otros detritos en lo alto del Río de Las Minas y trajo con su gran crecida estos elementos, algunos visibles, otros audibles y sus efectos -800 familias anegadas hasta la fecha, entre otros- se harán sentir por muchos días más.

La presente es una selección de las fotos tomadas hoy. Sigue lloviendo, mi ropa se seca lentamente y el lente sigue con condensación en el mecanismo interior. Pero somos felices. Somos Patagones.

Nota: Las imágenes de este post tienen licencia Creative Commons: ers libre de distribuirlas y utilizarlas SIN FIN COMERCIAL y  SIEMPRE Y CUANDO cites la fuente de origen (este blog) y el Autor (Mirko Vukasovic Morrison)

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