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Off The Rails – Westbound.

The journey ends, or at least transforms itself, when arriving to Vladivostok.

We’re in Asia, in the Far East, close to North Korea, right next to China and a mere 2-3 days by boat from Japan, yet, the city has an incredible western vibe and mood, much more accentuated that what I found in Moscow.

The journey ends, yes, at least the train one does, because from here it’s only 2 days to hop on and off the buses, the hills, the submarine in the street (?) and the beautiful women. I would’ve loved to be more than a couple of hours here, but the schedule was tight. However, I think I was able to see enough of it just to want to go back again and finally catch the night vibe and the wonderful landscapes.

This time, the picture were taken in Baikal lake, some in Yekaterinsburg, Vladivostok and inside the train, where all the action was. It was very funny to notice how people looked at me when changing cars, specially when arriving to another plaskart, since nobody expected a “tourist” in their cars, all the eyes turned to me and they were disturbed, confused, wandering and many, many more expressions.

From Vladivostok it’s plane back to Moscow. A flight attendant gives me a judgmental look when asking her for a beer, telling me “you’ll be able to get one when we get to Moscow” (in, like, 6 hours). I mean, no drinks in russian airplanes!? But everywhere on the streets? Alright, maybe we’re strangers, I don’t know. Then, while queuing for the loo, a drunk russian passenger talked to me some… stuff in russian, and then I get the alcohol “free” flight.

From here on, it’s only a matter of time until everything sets on what I’ve just experienced. I still have a few days to travel, and a few weeks until everything sets in and my words start to depict the whole experience. Finally, I’m not an Asia-virgin anymore.


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Guitar On The Go (o la belleza de la fresadora)

rawrI haven’t been around much lately. To anyone that is.

Thing is, i’m running the design/photography area in this cool magazine (provisore, hence the “wp” at the end) and it’s been very wild, timewise and skillwise, however, rewarding and fun.

But this May starteed with some handy work in the garage, doing some work in the woods that I wasn’t trained for and therefore, now i master. Or kinda master. Back to the guitar.

Since this project will have a wood board covering the gear and electronics, a “route” or “canal” has to be done in the solid body, in order to not get the cables messing with the glue and basically, because you need the flat surfaces to glue them together. So, new tool: routing machine.

Now that i see the pictures, and narrow everything to words, they don’t quite describe the whole afternoon that i spent modeling the back cover for the electronics, or the measurements that i made in order to avoid screwing the whole thing up, I just hope that at least you can enjoy the pictures!

So, neck: done (with some sanding to the awful varnish that Dicky Moe did). Electronics on the go, and most important: Body and cover. Jeez. They both need a heavy session of sanding and finally, when my fear has gone, glue it all together, then route the edges off to finally add the binding.

Oh! And plug her, and rock it all away! Enjoy :)

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Nueva Latitud + Sobre Cruceros

Es tan extraño este tipo de viaje, en el cual todo es servido y “todo descubrimiento” gratuito. Sólo pensar en que unos 800 naufragios y mas de 10.000 vidas perecieron en aguas cuyo nombre atraen a tantas personas, durante tanto tiempo, de tantos lados diferentes, sin duda te crean una imagen fuerte, distinta, enorme. Y sin embargo, un desayuno buffet te espera abajo, con aire acondicionado y agua mineral envasada, con guías que tienen su información empaquetada, y aquellos guardafaros comparten esa información y puesta en escena; lo visualizo como globos que chocan unos contra otros, máscaras que se tocan y que todos felices aceptan.

Todo eso pienso mientras estoy en un zodiac en una latitud que nos recibe venturosos con un buen clima, con poco frio, poco viento y lloviznas ocasionales, que te hacen olvidar lo afortunado que eres al estar ahí, parado en esos pastos, con vegetales que seguirán hacia el sur, hacia la antártica, declarando una oda a la vida y a la perseverancia de aquella secreta y simple biología de todo aquello que late, muta, cambia, se alimenta y forma parte de nosotros.
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