The Face Of Sutivan + Wrinkles Galore



After more than a year without any language lessons, books, or similar, I had to give an interview in my much reduced and grammatically offensive croatian skills while in Split.

Furthermore, I had to speak to everyone on Brač in croatian, which wasn’t much of a problem. Language-wise, I lost all my shame a few years ago, so talking is fine with me. Listening, however, was a more difficult task, since their dialect –Čakavski or Chakavsky– was not the easiest thing to understand for a super novice in easter european languages.

However, the weather wasn’t the best and even though many, many chilean-croatians come from the Island of Brač, at the beginning was no easy task to trace families from which I had no last names, addresses or ways to find them but eventually I got my way around the island, and maybe my broken grammar, thick accent (to my great shame) and objectives were made very clear to most of the people. I’m not even halfway to acquire the material I want to, but at least I’m on my way. Continue reading

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Aluvión en PUQ | Dia 1


Hoy en la madrugada, se da la alarma de emergencia que 22 años atrás cumplió con recordarnos que la naturaleza sigue su curso, es mas fuerte que nosotros y, finalmente, nada podemos hacer contra ella. Lo que era una lluvia persistente y sin viento, hasta agradecida por algunos en la ciudad y muchos en el campo, dinamitó tierra suelta, arboles, troncos y otros detritos en lo alto del Río de Las Minas y trajo con su gran crecida estos elementos, algunos visibles, otros audibles y sus efectos -800 familias anegadas hasta la fecha, entre otros- se harán sentir por muchos días más.

La presente es una selección de las fotos tomadas hoy. Sigue lloviendo, mi ropa se seca lentamente y el lente sigue con condensación en el mecanismo interior. Pero somos felices. Somos Patagones.

Nota: Las imágenes de este post tienen licencia Creative Commons: ers libre de distribuirlas y utilizarlas SIN FIN COMERCIAL y  SIEMPRE Y CUANDO cites la fuente de origen (este blog) y el Autor (Mirko Vukasovic Morrison)

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Project Guitar: day 2

Let’s fly 6 years into the past. Or better not, let’s just stay here, while I tell you that 6 years ago I decided to make this guitar-making project.

Having studied graphic design and never been much of a “hands on” gent, the event, here in my place, wasn’t very well received, however, the outcome was great: a 2 humbucker guitar with a Les-Paul feel and only native woods in the construction made me a guitar for less than 200 bucks, quite cool!

And these days, with no previous planning, another one is taking shape in the garage. Why? Why not, if you can improve things that were done wrong in the first place? It seems that all the things that you practice often such as photography, drawing, climbing and so on, work better after you take a break. In this case, mine was a bit longer, but after nothing more than 2 days, I’m quite happy with the results!

Non-relevant details:

· Telecaster inspired: I bought the bridge, pickups and knobs to match that style of guitar.
· Angled headstock: Unlike teles, stratos and such Fender-like guitars, i went for the Gibson, Ibanez way for the neck/headstock marriage, say, angled cut and then reversed glued… too bad I don’t have many precision tools available!
·I haven’t bought any of the parts yet! This one is odd. Well, I’m odd, and so far, all I’m working on is on the woods: drying, measuring and drawing plans on the fly.

It’s fun as hell, specially when you plug it, and ROCK IT!

Rodeo in the Patagonian Style

Basic things about the “rodeo” (down here we say rodéo, emphasizing the “E”): It’s a traditional Chilean sport from the colonial times that survived through these days.

Take a young cattle, two horses and two horsemen (called “collera”). Ride the cow three times and then race it through the rounded arena and smash the cattle with the horses into the borders of the corral. You hit the cow too close to the head? No points. Too close to the tail or legs? No points. Directly in the side? Up to 4 points. Repeat 3 times and you’re done, take your cow out and now entering the next “collera”, the next cattle and so on for like, easily, 3 hours.

I must say I am biased regarding this sport. Partly, because it represents loads of the colonial way that landlords and people from the country used to live together, partly because it’s of no use to hit a cow repeatedly and giving the animal no chance to either “win” or make a stand for itself. Mainly though, it seems so odd for me as a native from Patagonia, to observe these behaviors, dressings and everything rodeo-wise in an area that has nothing to do with it, either historically or culturally.

It’s a way, though, for families to enjoy, have fun and all. And here, in the vastness of the pampa, there’s room for everyone.

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