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Ushuaia for the day + web poster

Last month, a local airline opened a new rout from Punta Arenas (where I currently live) to Ushuaia (Argentina) and I was sent to cover the whole thing and since I’m a travel and nature freak, few things proved more enjoyable in the latter days than that!

Ushuaia is a small but hugely developed city completely tourism-oriented that is located in the southern (and argentinian end) of Tierra del Fuego, right in the Beagle channel. Founded just a century ago, now it holds the most modern ski center in South America (yes, it does) and it happens to be INCREDIBLY cheap, at least for chilean rip-off standards and what’s best: the argentinian people.

They are complete masters in their own parks, cities and tours, and after a heavy passing through college, they must complete specific courses to work in any tourism-related area for the place they’ll be working. And that’s where I’d l
ike to stop comparing it with Chile since the difference is so vast (and plays so bad against us) that I’d end up in tears, instead of telling you guys to enjoy the images, some of them, taken form a van, some below a heavy snowstorm and just a few from off the plane.

While my company that day were only press photographers, my usual work is much more time consuming and my images are thought in other language, say, no newspapers, so it was a really cool chance to learn. And photograph, of course!

Enjoy your seasons :)